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Dear visitor,

This SharePoint aims to facilitate the exchange of information between the partners of the Belgian network of focal points for drugs and drug addiction. This network was established to facilitate the collecting, analysing, synthesising and dissemination of data related to the drug phenomenon in Belgium, towards the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) .  Main areas of monitoring are: Drugs Related Deaths (DRD); Drugs Related Infectious Diseases (DRID), General Population Surveys (GPS), Problem Drug Use (PDU) and Treatment Demand Indicator.

This Belgian network consists of 5 focal points (1 national and 4 regional): the Belgian Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (BMCDDA, national), Concertation Toxicomanies Bruxelles - Overleg Druggebruik Brussel (CTB-ODB, Brussels Capital Region), Observatoire socio-épidémiologique Alcool-Drogues en Communauté français (EUROTOX, French Community), Sozial-Psychologisches Zentrum (SPZ, German-speaking Community), and Vereniging voor Alcohol- en andere Drugproblemen (VAD, Flemish Community).

The access to this SharePoint is limited to the collaborators of the national and regional focal points.

Kind regards,

Johan van Bussel, Ma., MSc., Ph.D.

Head of the national focal point (BMCDDA)





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